Unveiling the Enigma of a Rock Powerhouse

What defines Nonpoint? Is it their legendary live performances that leave audiences in awe? Is it the continuous torrent of anthems, infectious riffs, and mighty rhythms that emanate from their music? Perhaps it’s the compelling lyrics that have played a pivotal role in transforming and shaping lives. Or, equally significant, is it the unwavering commitment of the five remarkable individuals who, night after night, show after show, express their profound gratitude to the devoted fans who come to witness their electrifying performances?

Embracing their roles as masters and pioneers within the nu-metal/rap-rock genre, Nonpoint has remained a well-kept secret in the expansive world of rock and metal. Their music and acclaimed live shows have attracted the attention of music legends from all corners of the industry, each of whom has witnessed the sheer chaos and spellbinding magic that unfolds onstage. Audiences fervently recite the iconic melodies and lyrics delivered by the charismatic frontman, Elias Soriano, whose iconic dreadlocks and magnetic stage presence captivate every onlooker.

Standing beside Elias is the co-founder and showman, Robb Rivera, who generates a rhythmic thunder, soaring through the air before crashing down with unparalleled force, infusing their music with raw energy. Rhythm guitarist, vocalist, and visual performance virtuoso Rasheed Thomas, alongside the dynamic bassist Adam Woloszyn, introduce their commanding presence with hair-whipping theatrics and soaring guitars, effectively redefining the latest incarnation of Nonpoint. The recent addition of lead guitarist Jason Zeilstra has ignited a chemistry that promises to captivate both their loyal fan base and a new generation of listeners, setting the stage for a stellar 2024 for Team Nonpoint.

Now, with the triumph of their new independent label, 361 Degrees Records, Nonpoint has transcended the underground scene and rightfully secured their place in the annals of metal history. They continue to rewrite the rules of engagement with their latest track, “A Million Watts,” a quintessential Nonpoint composition that beckons you closer, delivers a thunderous punch to the chest, and locks an infectious lyric in your mind, ensuring it never escapes. This track is featured on their Heartless EP, the highly anticipated follow-up to their 2021 release, Ruthless.

Nonpoint’s journey has been marked by a highly successful headline tour with sold-out shows in early 2023, supporting the Psychotherapy Sessions Mudvayne Tour during the summer, and making their way to South America for the Festival Melinia in Chile, where they shared the stage with Evanescence. Wrapping up the year with their latest ticket, THE MILLION WATTS TOUR, which is already selling out fast, Nonpoint shows no signs of slowing down. Today, Nonpoint continues to receive invitations to headline 2024’s premier festivals, such as Sick New World, with more announcements on the horizon for the coming year. Their presence continues to light up streaming platforms, news feeds, social media platforms, and festival stages, cementing the fact that the secret is now out – Nonpoint is a true force of nature and shows no intention of easing off the throttle.